Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Seining The Pond....

My father had what he called a minnow seine we used to catch bait fish from small lakes. So I was very familiar with the process.  
In the Summer of 1963 I hauled water to the Concrete Batch Maker as the H.E. Bailey Turnpike was being built.  We filled our water trucks up at ponds or lakes on private land.  On one occasion the farmer who owned the pond asked us to pump it dry. 
He wanted to enlarge the pond and need it dry in order to get the bulldozer in it to do the job.
When the pond had about a foot of water left in it the concrete crew helped the farmer and his family seine the remaining fish out of the pond.
It was full of fish. Catfish and carp mostly. It also had a fair share of snapping turtles and water moccasin snakes.  Dad took three cat fish out of the nets, and we ate them that evening.

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