Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wolf to Woofs : Speaking of Dogs

Speaking of dogs, I know you weren't but I was. Learned something while researching the New Guinea Singing Dog. Back in 1967 when I and two of my buddies were hiking along the Asmara Plateau in what is now Eritrea we came across two animals that we decided were fox. Well they weren't, they were Ethiopian Wolves. In 2015 those are very rare and difficult to find in the wild. I may have a picture of it from back then, but I will have to dig though a very unorganized pile of old B&W negatives.
Joe Hagy They say only 500 of the critter are still alive in the wild. I wish this were my photo but it is not. the wolf is below.
Joe Hagy Strangely the Ethiopian wolf resembles the wild New Guinea Singing Dog that has only been photographed twice.

Joe Hagy The wild dog (NGSD) looks not like the domestic version. That they are out there and in some numbers is verified by their Howling (singing) of several dogs in the wild far apart from one another.
Joe Hagy's photo.
Joe Hagy So there is a real point to this. When they say dogs descended from wolves and then show you a modern big game wolf pack, that's a false picture. Those wolves have evolved into what they are seperately from what ever wolves provided the proto-dogs. Yes dogs came from wolves, but wolves from somewhere in the SE part of Asia it seems, not the big bad elk and bison hunters of today.
Second point: everything is misrepresented until they get it right.

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