Saturday, October 24, 2015

Perspective: It is not about you

Perspective: Let's start with a small example of what the future is not about......For those who lost loved ones in Benghazi. I empathize with your lose. Now, suck it and shut up. 50,000 Americans died in Vietnam. Another half million Vietnam Veterans have died after shortened lives. We were spit on, betrayed, ignored. Soldiers die, no one gave a shit about ours from Nam. Go talk to the 100,0000 mothers and father just from that war. Tell them what makes you so special? My friends died for about $200 a month. Were not your brave Americans paid a bit more? You want justice? Don't push too far lest you obtain what you want but don't know what it is.You think your angst and pain exceeds all of ours inclusive of all the deaths up till now, enough so you want to piss on those your kin sought to protect. is all about you after all is not? I've called these out to bring home the point. It certainly is not about you and yours. It is about ours, all of ours and you are part of us unless you decline the invitation.

Earth is about to vomit big time on our little species. The small minded, those with inflated self importance, those who believe god has made them a special deal, will be among the first to die. Survival will mean being together. Not isolated little groups but civilized united peoples. Those that can not think that way, can not be tolerated. Yes, that's the way to survival. Socialism, welfare, sharing, equity, justice, fairness for everyone....of course we could do it the warlord way...many may even try...fascism and control...might work....fascism however is never about is always about them....

The economy has already failed....The unfettered Capitalism of my lifetime....isn't do we all live in what ever we imagine the future to be...again together or not at all... when need only half of us for work... how does the other half live....what do they do? Again the solution must be one that keeps us together.

We face a world of technology, of robots, of drones, of cyborgs, of replicators that will make what we need and even things we desire. While at the same time, much if not most of the world will perish because they could not adapt or migrate. That will the the Great Paradox our children will live with. Who will be saved? Those that would save others.

I'm not a prophet, just an analyst. A geographer, a generalist, a man who puts three dimensional puzzles together in his mind is who I am. None of this is hard to see. But our natural enemies will be those that don't, whether it be for religious, political, ideological reason we can not suffer their dividing us. America is tolerant and should be, but will have to narrow the tolerance against those that will seek that it be all about them.

Meanwhile, for it will take its time in coming, we need us to prepare to encounter the advancing changes. Good people will tell you we can stop it. We can not. Good people will tell how to work to slow it down. It is already far to late to do that.

The Great Change, The Great Paradox, The Crunch...face them together or forfeit your seed. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

Throughout the course of all great religions that man has devise, echoes one principle love your neighbor like you would your family, make no one a stranger, do nothing to anyone you would not tolerate being done to you. this is the way forward into the future. That is, it is, if we want a future.