Monday, October 12, 2015


This is a pictorial blog from two years ago showing my workshop/studio on the outside and my baggage cart turned covered work table.  As you can see they are depositories of treasures and junk that have not made their way into "projects" that were planned to be accomplished. Of course as many will claim even finish projects may be considered junk as well.  Most of the stuff is now well covered in dust and leaves and other such stuff.  Soon all will need to be dispersed and disposed of I would think.  So this is a just for the record type exhibit.


BB-Idaho said...

A green RR baggage cart with red wheels. Last time I saw one in operation, I
was about 6 yrs old; couple years after WWII. Heck, they had baggage on one and
milk cans on the other. They were built to last!

drlobojo said...

Yep, this one came from a gas station in 1985 is really terrible condition. They had kept old tires and oil cans piled on it. I asked for it as they were demolishing the station for a 7-11 and they gave it to me. So one Sunday morning, early, my kids and I moved it by hand down the streets a little more than a mile to my yard. Had to rebuild it little by little until I basical replace all of the wood in the bed. Undercarriage was/is still solid. The roof I added to protect my projects when I used it as a work table.My best estimate is it is from the 1920's. It was a Santa Fe wagon. I could not retain nor save the wood that declared that.I have a feeling it may become a patio table in the near future. Ah, more than you ever wanted to know about the thing! Except I have four milk cans to display on it.