Saturday, October 24, 2015

Perspective: It is not about you

Perspective: Let's start with a small example of what the future is not about......For those who lost loved ones in Benghazi. I empathize with your lose. Now, suck it and shut up. 50,000 Americans died in Vietnam. Another half million Vietnam Veterans have died after shortened lives. We were spit on, betrayed, ignored. Soldiers die, no one gave a shit about ours from Nam. Go talk to the 100,0000 mothers and father just from that war. Tell them what makes you so special? My friends died for about $200 a month. Were not your brave Americans paid a bit more? You want justice? Don't push too far lest you obtain what you want but don't know what it is.You think your angst and pain exceeds all of ours inclusive of all the deaths up till now, enough so you want to piss on those your kin sought to protect. is all about you after all is not? I've called these out to bring home the point. It certainly is not about you and yours. It is about ours, all of ours and you are part of us unless you decline the invitation.

Earth is about to vomit big time on our little species. The small minded, those with inflated self importance, those who believe god has made them a special deal, will be among the first to die. Survival will mean being together. Not isolated little groups but civilized united peoples. Those that can not think that way, can not be tolerated. Yes, that's the way to survival. Socialism, welfare, sharing, equity, justice, fairness for everyone....of course we could do it the warlord way...many may even try...fascism and control...might work....fascism however is never about is always about them....

The economy has already failed....The unfettered Capitalism of my lifetime....isn't do we all live in what ever we imagine the future to be...again together or not at all... when need only half of us for work... how does the other half live....what do they do? Again the solution must be one that keeps us together.

We face a world of technology, of robots, of drones, of cyborgs, of replicators that will make what we need and even things we desire. While at the same time, much if not most of the world will perish because they could not adapt or migrate. That will the the Great Paradox our children will live with. Who will be saved? Those that would save others.

I'm not a prophet, just an analyst. A geographer, a generalist, a man who puts three dimensional puzzles together in his mind is who I am. None of this is hard to see. But our natural enemies will be those that don't, whether it be for religious, political, ideological reason we can not suffer their dividing us. America is tolerant and should be, but will have to narrow the tolerance against those that will seek that it be all about them.

Meanwhile, for it will take its time in coming, we need us to prepare to encounter the advancing changes. Good people will tell you we can stop it. We can not. Good people will tell how to work to slow it down. It is already far to late to do that.

The Great Change, The Great Paradox, The Crunch...face them together or forfeit your seed. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

Throughout the course of all great religions that man has devise, echoes one principle love your neighbor like you would your family, make no one a stranger, do nothing to anyone you would not tolerate being done to you. this is the way forward into the future. That is, it is, if we want a future.

Wolf to Woofs : Speaking of Dogs

Speaking of dogs, I know you weren't but I was. Learned something while researching the New Guinea Singing Dog. Back in 1967 when I and two of my buddies were hiking along the Asmara Plateau in what is now Eritrea we came across two animals that we decided were fox. Well they weren't, they were Ethiopian Wolves. In 2015 those are very rare and difficult to find in the wild. I may have a picture of it from back then, but I will have to dig though a very unorganized pile of old B&W negatives.
Joe Hagy They say only 500 of the critter are still alive in the wild. I wish this were my photo but it is not. the wolf is below.
Joe Hagy Strangely the Ethiopian wolf resembles the wild New Guinea Singing Dog that has only been photographed twice.

Joe Hagy The wild dog (NGSD) looks not like the domestic version. That they are out there and in some numbers is verified by their Howling (singing) of several dogs in the wild far apart from one another.
Joe Hagy's photo.
Joe Hagy So there is a real point to this. When they say dogs descended from wolves and then show you a modern big game wolf pack, that's a false picture. Those wolves have evolved into what they are seperately from what ever wolves provided the proto-dogs. Yes dogs came from wolves, but wolves from somewhere in the SE part of Asia it seems, not the big bad elk and bison hunters of today.
Second point: everything is misrepresented until they get it right.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Several years ago I had an office window overlooking the North end of the State Capitol grounds.  There, were trees donated to OKC from the people of Iowa commemorating the victims of the Oklahoma City bombings.  One day, probably after 5 p.m., I watched a crew dig a hole at the base of that tree memorial, place a square concrete vault in the ground and then in the vault place a large case with a plaque on the lid and they close the vault and cover it with dirt and then sod.  There were no marking place there about what was below. After the bombing there were literally thousands of small pieces of human remains that could not be identified because of contamination that preclude DNA testing.  I believe that is their burial site.


This is a pictorial blog from two years ago showing my workshop/studio on the outside and my baggage cart turned covered work table.  As you can see they are depositories of treasures and junk that have not made their way into "projects" that were planned to be accomplished. Of course as many will claim even finish projects may be considered junk as well.  Most of the stuff is now well covered in dust and leaves and other such stuff.  Soon all will need to be dispersed and disposed of I would think.  So this is a just for the record type exhibit.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Everybody Knows The Capitan Lied

Holland America

We started with Holland America because of our Travel Agent.  I was 66 at the time and Holland America has a lot of old farts that sail on it. Like your first love the first trip was exciting and wonderful.  We assumed that they would alway deliver that level of service and behavior.  Within 3 months we took a longer voyage through the Panama Canal from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale and back.  I was excited that we would look for whales at the Magdalena Sanctuary. It was the end of October.  Although clearly on the trip itinerary the Captain said there weren't any whales there, way to early for them, so we would skip the sanctuary on this trip. That was going down, coming back we skipped it again with no comment.

 Then there was the holland America ground trip where we didn't go down the Yukon River as promised for a day.  Not told until the day before.

Then there was the Boston to Quebec and return when we were not let on the boat for 6 hours after we should have boarded.  the Capatain said the were slow getting into Boston because blather blather blather.  I had already googled the ship and found from the CDC it was under quarantine until the two dozen sick people embarked and was completely cleaned. So were were short about 20 staff which made service really not so good, and the Captain told shit tales everyday about the problems.  The crux of the crap was they skip our cruise day in the Saguenay-StLawrence Marine Park where the resident  Beluga lived and gave us an "extra day" in Quebec which was misery.

I won't go through the 42 day disappointment across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean which was majorly closed for the winter.
So I took my two sons and daughter in law on a Alaskan cruise that was a total loss compared to what it should have been...
Now these are the shit things that happened. Sixty percent of all these trip were really good.  Ten percent were excellent.  But one out of three times they fucked up somehow.  Seriously that is way too much for the cost of the time.
Not sure I'll do so much of the Holland America stuff
 any more.  Maybe If I treat it as a way to go from A to B, I'll go...vacation cruises,Naw, probably not.