Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NIMBY-NIMBY-NIMBY-NIMBY For six years or more Aberdeen, Washington has had a "Homeless Problem".

Aberdeen, WA:  "The Washington State courts have repeatedly upheld that government must take the “least restrictive” approach to religious organizations that claim a mandate to serve and care for the poor. What that has meant in practice is that local municipalities have set 90 day caps on durations that churches are allowed to host tent cities on their property....So the city gives people outside here a date they have to move by, let’s not ask where they should move to, the city seems to think that that is not their problem, even when confronted by the fact that the support systems available are inadequate to handle the volume of unemployed and underemployed people in the town."

What we may be looking at is the beginning of the new refugee problem compounding a local homeless problem (Oh yeah, how do you know that?) Word is that is beginning to be seen all along the Washington and Oregon Coast and I-5 corridor. This is in  addition to the upswing of homes being sold to California residents.  But the refuge of  Washington and Oregon is ill perceived.  Their drought has produced a larger deficit of available water than it has for Southern California. The difference is in the density of the population being served.  If refugees want a stable world to survive in, go East of the Mississippi River.  This is why America needed planning for these possibilities a decade ago.  Instead we stuck our political heads in the sand and now all we can say is NIMBY,..NIMBY...NIMBY



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