Friday, May 22, 2015


Time for a knock down and drag out Constitutional Convention. 
Time for the ERA. 
Time for popular Federal elections of Presidents. 
Time for campaign finance controls. 
Time for provisions design to meet the new realities of Climate Chaos and Economic chaos. 
Time to clarify once and for the next two hundred years Article 1, 4, and 10.
Time to federalize all laws that are applicable to any persons or entities, that cross a state line.
Time for a Presidential Line Item Budget Veto.
Time for Congressional (House and Senate Recalls).
Time for comprehensive Civil Rights laws with long sharp teeth.
Time to rewrite the Income Tax laws and create Federal Property Laws as acts of extraordinary wealth redistribution.
Time to do away with the Federal Reserve.
Time for usury amendments.
Time to recreate the SCOTUS to have not less than 15 justices.
Time to remove Senate approval of all Federal Judges below the Scotus level.
Time to move all State Reapportionment to a non-partisan Federal entity and based on equity of population distribution.
Time to require two years Federal Service with no exceptions for all Citizens between their 18 and 24th years.
Time to require two years Federal Service as a prerequisite to permanent Citizenship.
Time to Constitutionalize the right to Universal Health Care, and Unnecessary Government Intrusions in the private lives of Citizens, the right to live in a safe, clean, and healthy environment.
Time to expand the understanding of the Right to Happiness.
Time to extend Constitutional rights to all U.S. Citizens where ever they are including outer Space and other planets.

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