Monday, March 23, 2015

Shed painted

She said, the shed looks ratty, you need to paint it. So I did.

Attention! ( a poem?)

Attention, Attention, Please!
I am deaf in one ear
Ninety percent .
Artillery,radioman's growling headphones maybe
Miss a lot
Knew a guy on the lower autistic
Proud of "super" hearing
Perceived everything
Saved from nothing
In cacophony hearing
the ice machine filling a glass other side of the cafe
All the rest in between the same
Filthy rich in sound
Persevering on nothing
As deaf as I
Worse maybe
I know that
I have a deaf ear to turn
and can determine
in which direction to turn it
not bothered by an ice machine
---William Sandia

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nestorians and the Golden Horde

The Great Kublai Khan, the Leader of the Mongol Golden Horde was advised and help by Christian Monks of the Nestorian Churches of Asia. The Nestorians had a Thousand-Year Golden Age of their Christian Church in Asia before it was destroyed. There seems to be little known about this early Church.

Monday, March 16, 2015

One Home Motor Does It All 1928

I got to thinking about sewing machines. My mother had my father convert her Singer to an electric motor driven version. He did so by buying something of a transitional product designed to make hand cranks items electric. It was the Hamilton Beach Home Motor with foot switch. I still have it today.

Here is the one I have but from 1934. Notice how it attaches to to the hand or belt turned wheel. It ran all sorts of household machines.

It cost $18.50 new, but my Dad bought one used after my mother had twin girls. In those days chicken feed and flour sack came in printed cotton so farm wives could use it to sew clothes with the free patterns inside the sack. At this time my father was working double shift as a foreman building roads in West Texas. For 16 hours a day he made $2.50 and was glad to have the work, except on blasting day when he help connect the fuses. New this cost the equivalent of three 40 hour week wages. It was not an insignificant investment.