Sunday, February 9, 2014

Like The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

When we went to the moon it was just our toe in the water. What can make us dive in head first?

  • Erin Norton It's a money issue. No one wants to pay what it would cost to build a space worthy vessel that can go farther than that and truly travel on it's own power like a star trek type ship would.
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  • Lee W Manning I don't think we ever went. Chinese robot lander sent to area USA allegedly landed at, found no flag, no junk, nothing. I have heard that Stanley Kubrick filmed the whole thing on a large set at Area 51 and the astronauts simply orbited for ages.
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  • Lee W Manning Also , we would be killed by radiation crossing the Van Allen Belt, unless inside a ten feet deep lead capsule. The Astronauts would have died a very short time after arriving home...
  • Richard Bodie Gafinstof i agree with lee it was all filmed in the remote part of desert just another way to milk the tax payers sometimes i think we are the ones livin behind the iron curtain and all just been a big lie
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  • Lee W Manning It was just to make the Russians think that America and their rocket Nazis were ahead of Russian rocket Nazis during the Cold War.
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  • Richard Bodie Gafinstof the gipper sure could make those russkies dance
  • Lee W Manning By the way, my parents came from London and were nearly killed by those horrible V2 rockets that Von Braun killed s
  • Lee W Manning Killed so many Jews to make those rockets,when he was a fucking SS Major
  • Lee W Manning Win one for the Gipper, huh ? Otherwise known as Ronald Reagan ( as he played the part of this great American Footy player in a movie )
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  • Richard Bodie Gafinstof if the gipper was still alive hed go clean that deadwood we got in the whitehouse out
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  • Junior Bear I guess I have my answer.
  • Junior Bear