Saturday, July 20, 2013

One Siren At A Time

The Saturday noon sirens just went off. That's how I know it is Saturday. 

Bells are Sunday, sirens are Saturday. 

It is a kudos to the effectiveness of my meds that the sirens only gives me a twinge now and again. I really hated sirens in Nam because they obscured the sound of the rockets, mortars, shells, coming in and you couldn't tell where they were going. 

For many years I would freeze every time I heard a siren and listen for the sound of the incoming. It is quite a bother to do that in tornado country. 

As time has gone on, and meds have become better, I have learned to listen to the beauty of the Doppler effect as 20 different sirens stop one by one each successively stopping farther and farther away as though the danger they represented was being lifted off of me one siren at a time.

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