Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Modest Proposal to Save Lives on Oklahoma Interstates During Tornadoes

A Modest Proposal: 
We build snow sheds on the Interstates in the Sierras, why not tornado sheds in Oklahoma. Design for the maximum number of cars on a ten mile (variable) stretch( all cars in that mileage would be in the shelter in less than ten minutes), put bumper to bumper in a shelter that is over the existing roadway with storm proof doors at each end. Some shelters would be small. Those in or near cities would be larger. The tops could be used for wildlife cross overs in rural areas or green areas and parks in the cities. A tornado deflecting structure would cost less than a comparable snow shed. However, the cost/benefit of the lives saved may not be good enough to afford the structures.


BB-Idaho said...

Nothing more disconcerting than being on the plains interstates in scary weather: static on the radio,
tornado on the ground in a place you never heard of, headed towards another place. So, the idea of some sort of shelter is a good one.
Since there are so many long trucks
on the freeways, they would be the equivalent of several cars, which
would be a consideration. More than once, I've just checked into the nearest motel and sat the weather out, glued to the weather channel.

Pecheur said...

Hey friend,

I have not been blogging for awhile, but I have been thinking about you recently.

BB-Idaho said...

Am planning on driving through Nebraska and Kansas the next two weeks. It would be helpful as I
recover in some plains motel to
see accurate Weather Channel data,
occluded fronts, winds aloft, humid flow etc. rather than
'Coast Guard Rescue', Weather That Changed the World', 'Storm Chasers' and the other some dozens
of interesting but unhelpful TV

drlobojo said...

Watch the local weather