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How Much Profit Is there In a Non-Profit?

Want to help in Boston? Careful about sending money. Eighteen years ago $15 million was collected for the Oklahoma City Bombing victims. After the Governor got through all those funds were consolidated into one fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. Now after all these years we find that the nearly $15 million made $4.5 million in interest to a sum of $19.5 million but that only $5 million was ever paid out to victims. So remember as you help the victims, don't become one yourself.
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  • For Your Information: Past Trustees of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation since 1995.
    James Young 1995–97
    J. Edward Barth 1989–98 
    Frank McPherson 1989–98 
    George J. Records 1989–99
    Ben Demps 1996–2000 Raymond Hefner 1994–2000
    Richard Sias 1995–2001
    Linda Lambert 1993–2002 
    Robert Butkin 1999–2002
    William O. Johnstone 1994–2003
    Anne Hodges Morgan 1994–2003
    Jeanette L. Gamba 1995–2004
    James H. Holloman Jr. 1997-2006
    Ronald J. Norick 1998-2007
    Paul B. Odom Jr. 1998-2007
    William Shdeed 2000-09
    Paul W. Dudman 2001-10
    John E. Green 2001-10
    Jim Daniel 2002-11
    Judy Love 2002-11
    Nancy Coats-Ashley 2003-12
    Kirland Hall 2003-12
  • For your Information current trustee of the Oklahoma City Foundation:
    Our Trustees

    The bylaws of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation require that six of the 15 Trustees be nominated by outside organizations and the remaining nine be appointed by the current Board of Trustees. Nominated for three-year terms, a Trustee can serve up to nine consecutive years. Below are the Trustees for FY2013. 

    Steven C. Davis, Chairman
    Attorney, Hartzog Conger 
    Cason & Neville
    Appointed by the Trustees

    Dr. Steve Agee 
    Dean, Meinders School of Business
    Oklahoma City University
    Appointed by the Trustees

    Mary Ann Bauman M.D.
    Medical Director, Women’s Health and Community Relations, 
    INTEGRIS Health
    Appointed by the Trustees

    Jim C. Clark
    B.C. Clark Jewelers
    Appointed by the Trustees

    Leslie Hudson
    Community Volunteer
    Appointed by the Trustees

    Oscar Jackson
    Secretary of Human Resources & Administration, State of Oklahoma (retired)
    Appointed by the Trustees

    Jane Jayroe
    Writer/Community Volunteer
    Nominated by the Oklahoma City Mayor and City Council

    Ann Johnstone
    Community Volunteer
    Nominated by Allied Arts

    Steve Mason 
    Cardinal Engineering
    Appointed by tUnited Way of Central Oklahoma 

    Harry Merson
    Private Investor
    Nominated by the 
    U.S. Judge, Western District 
    of Oklahoma

    Jenny Love Meyer
    Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores 
    Nominated by the Trustees

    J. Larry Nichols
    Devon Energy
    Nominated by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber

    P.B. Odom III
    P.B. Odom III Land Development Companies
    Appointed by the Trustees
    Bond Payne
    Heritage Trust Company
    Appointed by the Trustees
    Tony Tyler
    Tyler Media
    Appointed by the Trustees

    Christian K. Keesee
    Kirkpatrick Bank
    Ex Officio

    John L. Belt, Secretary & General Counsel 

    Nancy B. Anthony, President & Assistant Secretary 

    Rhonda Godwin, Assistant Treasurer
  •  You ask, if you've read this far, what I expect will happen republishing all this info? Not a damn thing actually, but it seemed appropriate. Having served on a board or two or so I know how hard it is sometimes to get an organization to do the correct thing. This one however I Think the IRS needs to take a Hard Look at. I hear that the Internal Revenue System is trolling Social Media to find Fraud and Abuse by Taxpayers and Not For Profit Institutions Misusing Funds by using word and phrase detection programs to pick up on those doing a dirty deed. Some Eleemosynary Organizations have nary an elee in their mosy.

    Here is a statement from the foundation holding the $10 million not distributed.
    We are disappointed the March 1, 2013 episode of "Rock Center with Brian Williams" failed to provide a more balanced approach in their story about the Oklahoma City Disaster Relief Fund. Not only did the news staff fail to document the accuracy of the erroneous claims made in the story but they also...

    "Watson said the foundation has encouraged survivors and their families to get on public assistance before requesting help from the fund for medical bills and the like." "Let's see, if I made a donation to help the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing and Nancy Anthony decides it appropriate to deny it to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, that makes it ok?
    Let's see, if Nancy Anthony and the OCCF decide to build themselves a new office to dwell in to the tune of 6 million dollars and purchase the land that the property sits and the money it takes to do this involves money donated for other reasons, that makes it ok?
    Let's see, Nancy Anthony makes $232,000 a year salary to manage the Disaster Relief Fund. Really?? That's 5 times the median income in Oklahoma..... That's ok?"
    In the wake of complaints from some survivors of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing and their families, the Oklahoma City Disaster Relief Fund is being audited. The critics claim that the Oklahoma City Community Foundation (OCCF), which oversee...

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