Wednesday, April 17, 2013

animal emotion thinking logic territorial imperative niche and survival

"Let us imagine that the aboriginal-original human specimen was one of two brother apes, A and B; they were alike in every respect; both were animal space-binders; but something strange happened to B; he became the first time-binder, a human. ... He had thus a new faculty, he belonged to a new dimension; but, of course, he did not realize it; and because he had this new capacity he was able to analyze his brother "A"; he observed "A is my brother; he is an animal; but he is my brother; therefore, I AM AN ANIMAL." This fatal first conclusion, reached by false analogy, by neglecting a fact, has been the chief source of human woe for half a million years and it still survives. ... He [then] said to himself, "If I am an animal there is also in me something higher, a spark of some thing supernatural.""

-- Uma Thurman, Jeddah, 2009
  • Junior Bear Alfred Korzybski "Manhood of Humanity : The Science and Art of Human Engineering" (1921)
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  • William Adelman That's the guy who came up with the phrase "the map and the territory"!
  • Junior Bear But he is wrong. We are animals that think. Evil men demarcate between men and animals not at all and use man as animals. Enlightened men demarcate between men and animals not at all and understand we are part of the whole of all demensions.
  • Junior Bear "the map and the territory..." was recast in the 1970's as the "Territorial Imperative". All animals (perhaps all life) have a territory and they demarcate it (map it) on the the ground and in their minds and along the borders they fight for more an to protect what they have. Even plants, lichen on a rock, do this. Territory is niche, and niche is required for life and life is required for evolution.

    The next may not be earth animal.  It may be AI or Grey Goo or it may not be any more than what has been, but in a parallel form.

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