Thursday, January 3, 2013

Well Gad Dam I punched the correct button or somthin.

Sorry for being so stupid but for a month now I have NOT been able post anything cause I couldn't figure what they (Gurgel) had done and I was a "magazine" or something and "post" a new blog was no where to be found.  Still don't know how the devil I got to a control page even now.  These guys here at this new blog thing are so bright that they are idiot savants.  Maybe just idiots.  Anyway I bookmarked the magic pages and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to blog again.  So I am back to "Simple" which is actually more complete/complex than their graphic eyepoppers designed for bubble gummers.  Maybe I'm just to old to do this.  I mean my first telephone call was on a party line of 15 people and my "Number" was two longs and a short on the crank.  I did work with Big Daddy however in the Agency and latter in life created a unitary data system for a whole frickin State Higher Education System that was copied by a dozen other states.  You know seriously I had to fire one of my programmers when he mucked up the data base by fixing it and improving on it.  Anyways I've been pissed for a month, but now I back, I think.


BB-Idaho said...

My internet provider transferred their e-mail accts to Google; some sort of a 'cloud' thing. Blogger is wedged into the business array somehow so that each time I enter a 'captcha' Cableone insists on a
different username and password (or assigns one). At my age, my
own phone number is a challenge...

drlobojo said...

Same all transferred to Google. These guys can make a car that can drive around by itself. But screwed up a simple conversion. i bitched several times on the "how are we doing" site. No response. Or they responded to somewhere and body that I wasn't. Finding the back door was just dumb luck. After I get over being pissed, I'll restore this some more. Their blessed templates are for children and valley girls. i just want to record and communicate not dazzle the f....k out of someone.