Saturday, January 12, 2013

Let's NOT Honor the 50th Anniversary of Vietnam

This idea of memorializing the Vietnam "conflict" is not so hot.  For one thing, they are starting it two years too late for a 50th celebration.  It started officially in 1960, not 62.

Secondly, I would venture that most of us left alive from Nam (about 800,000 maybe less) just don't care to relive it.  Then there is that hatred that we had to live with for 20 years after we came back.  It seems that the ultra left is ginning it up again.  I've read articles that blame the Vietnam conflict all on the United States and our Imperial desires. Not even our opponents believed that.  And of course giving honor to those that fought there is a no no too.

So here it is on wind again--atrocities--baby killers--killers--murders--genocide--   I don't really want to hear that again.  I don't want to watch the parades knowing the most of those marching by who are supposedly Viet Vets are fakes and wanna be types. I don't want to listen to our newest vets referring to us as whiners and sponges consuming all the VA resources.  And for god's sake shut up about Jane Fonda.

Leave Vietnam alone.  Leave it be. Don't rip off any scabs.  Give us all here at home and our counterparts in Nam another 10-15 years and we will all be dead.  Then let the fakers march and parade and be honored.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Well Gad Dam I punched the correct button or somthin.

Sorry for being so stupid but for a month now I have NOT been able post anything cause I couldn't figure what they (Gurgel) had done and I was a "magazine" or something and "post" a new blog was no where to be found.  Still don't know how the devil I got to a control page even now.  These guys here at this new blog thing are so bright that they are idiot savants.  Maybe just idiots.  Anyway I bookmarked the magic pages and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to blog again.  So I am back to "Simple" which is actually more complete/complex than their graphic eyepoppers designed for bubble gummers.  Maybe I'm just to old to do this.  I mean my first telephone call was on a party line of 15 people and my "Number" was two longs and a short on the crank.  I did work with Big Daddy however in the Agency and latter in life created a unitary data system for a whole frickin State Higher Education System that was copied by a dozen other states.  You know seriously I had to fire one of my programmers when he mucked up the data base by fixing it and improving on it.  Anyways I've been pissed for a month, but now I back, I think.