Saturday, June 16, 2012

You Can Not Save Yourself From Tomorrow, For Tomorrow Arrived Yesterday

All of these pictures are real and all of these pictures are a metaphor and all of these pictures are a prediction and forecast for all of our lives.  It isn't dooms day, unless you are where it is.

For example here is an out of control fire on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  The fire is a direct result of Global Warming and Climate Change, yet nobody reporting the fire has balls enough to say that.  Indeed in most of America they don't even know the fire is burning. Lady and Gents, ain't no reason why this can't be Denver itself.

This one happens to be in Brazil but it is a perfect display of rising salt water into a city.  On 12 inches of salt water and the whole infrastructure is completely gone.  Now imagine a 20 foot rise in the Great Salt Lake from increased rain.  No?  Well maybe not.

This fire is at Ruidoso NM this month.  Home, Ranches, roads, trees,...
Here's the rub, It won't be coming back.  Seriously, those trees can not grow there any more.

Now this little island is from last summer.  I'll just build my own dike and save my home (this time).  Did you know that his precious black bottom land is now under several feet of sand?

 Here we go from Southern California this month.  Parking lot along the Pacific Coast Highway.  Right up the hill behind these cars are homes and homes and homes.....  California has finally come to the realization that the change is so great they can not save all of the stuff along the coast.  They are going to let the sea have it all.  Hell, as though they could beat the pacific Ocean anyway.

Another little hopeful island, I'm safe for now.

Colorado Fire again.  Them pines are dead or dying.  Perfect fuel for a catastrophe. Pine beetles size of a rice grain caused this.  Or, rather the warm winter let the pine beetle cause this.  Do you know these idiots plan to rebuild and re-plant this area?  Pipe dreams.

Water water everywhere, but not on mine.

Whoops that view is flooding in on me.

My levee is leaking some.  If the electricity doesn't go out the pumps can hold it back.

Ah shit the electricity went off.

That saltwater city again.

We can build our levees against water and even fire.  But they can't save us the next time or the next or the next because everything that is will not be no more.  It will be something else.  What/when/how is all guess work.  The systems involved are to large and too many to model a reliable predictive schedule.  But here they are and we have or shortly will begin to have to deal with them.  I was a State Geographer For Research for the State of Oklahoma for four and a half years once upon a time (under a Democrat Governor).  I talked about all this back then 20 years ago or so.  But then we were thinking maybe 2060 or 2150 for the first true effect.  Wrong!  Boy were we wrong.  No body paid me any no-never-mind back then and sure as shit they wouldn't now. (The current State Geographer has a smaller audience than even I had.)

But ladies and gentlemen, (all three or four of you) readers of my blog, no matter where you are in America don't make any long term plans base on anything climate will change, and that kidoes is everything.


BB-Idaho said...

Unquestionably anthropogenic climate change; a problem is the
slow progress of such (been cold and rainy here this year) so that
the 'deniers' concentrate on current phenomena while ignoring the obvious long-term consequences. We had an interesting example of anthropogenic wildfire last week.
Smallish one, easily put out...but
investigators found tannerite (popular exploding targets favored by shooters getting their kicks from such) remains...AND in their
panic, they left behind their modified AK-47. With a serial number. heh Meantime, I'm looking for tornados in LA and
brownouts in the midwest....

BB-Idaho said...

The data continues to accrete...

drlobojo said...

You know, it is the shit we can know yet that will get us good. NYC may be saved in the short term if the cold water melt shifts the Gulf Stream East and South. That however would play hell with Britain and Europe and eventually cover NYC in a mile or so of ice. That's the dirty little secret about climate warming is that it naturally stops itself with an ice age. That's a hell of a cure that is.

VivaLaResistance said...

@bb-idaho... i'm sure it wasn't the tannerite since it does not produce a flammable explosion. It actually depletes oxygen when set off. Thus, making it fire-unfriendly. Therefore, they must have also been playing with black powder or some other explosive substance.

I'm not sure what to believe in global warming. I do believe in Mother Nature and therefore I relate that to being the God of our Earth. Any way that one may believe in God to me is their mother nature. I believe that the human race does not have the power to destroy Earth, but Earth does have the power to destroy the human race.

As for the recent events... Mother Nature is doing her job. Thinning the herd, whether it be humans or trees. She's making room for the next of us.

If global warming is the cause then the best thing we can do as humans is to stop using anything made with plastic... That includes the computer you're reading this with!

BB-Idaho said...

VivaLa, there are a number of fires
from tannerite on YouTube. I've worked with most explosives in my career, but not Tannerite. But looking at the formulation, I'd guess the temperature about 3000 deg C; both flake aluminum and sponge titanium, which produce the heat, tend to oxidize to liquid
species under those conditions;
molten explosion products which possess a high latent heat transfer capability. So excessively dry field conditions
could possibly kindle. (tracers do it all the time) As regards
oxygen depletion, Tannerite looks
to carry sufficient oxygen in the form of ammonium nitrate and percholorate. Probably the stuff
seldom causes fires because the
inverse cube law addresses velocity, brisance and even temperature?

drlobojo said...

Global warming is a fact. A quantified measurable fact. Why is it getting warmer. That is a series hypothesis not fully understood as to cause. In the past global warming has caused climate shift that then sets off an Ice Age. We have known this scenario for a 100 years. We have not understood that it would happen this fast. How this will play out? Don't know.