Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Environment: Whitewater-Baldy Fire Gila Wilderness June 2012

These places are places from my younger years.  Back when I backpacked and camped in wilderness places.  Could it be that long ago really?  There is the Gila National Forest.  It surrounds the Gila Primitive Area.  The Primitive Area surrounds the Gila Wilderness Area.  Built along many of the stream and canyons are houses and cliff dwelling from the Mogollon Indians 100-800 A.D. and before.  Before it is finished all the Climate Change dead trees will be burned off or will be charred standing trunks.  It will be a new place here.  One of the first new place of the Climate Age.  Wonder what it will look like.

Remember, click the picture to see the larger view.

Mogollon, New Mexico

Doc's old place now Henry's

The Ghost Town /Art Colony of Mogollon is saved as is Little Fanny and the road in, everything East of that is burned over all the way to the fire tower.

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