Monday, May 21, 2012

If Only.......

If only I had.

If only I could.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Jesus, Jesus, or was it Joshua

''"If Jesus was your only source of information about what Christianity should look like, how would you live your life?" Well in my cased "lived" you life.

Setting aside Thomas and Q and Josephus but still deleting those edits inserted over time in the Gospels, I think, that had my Christian upbringing been  based solely on the words and teachings of Jesus, my life would have been lived in a different way.  It would have had far less hell fire, damnation, sin, punishment  and wrath-fullness in it than there was when I was at church and at large.  I most probably would have never killed anyone. I was a mighty warrior you know.  I might have followed and fulfilled what I felt my first calling to be as well.  But I wasn't taught that way of Christianity.  I went down the Paulian and his version of Christ's way.  Of course I thought, no I was absolutely Convicted, that I was following Jesus,and understood what that meant but I wasn't and I didn't.  It took me another 30 years to detect my error. I've been working on understanding it all since then. Some things are hard to release, others not so much.  As they said back in the day, that is my testicalmony.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Forest Of Acorns?

An acorn is not an oak.  It is an acorn that has potential that it can become an oak with time and soil and sun light and water and the luck to be in a place that has all those things if a squirrel didn't eat it.  A zygote is no more a human than an acorn is an oak.  It is the potential to become a human being.  20% will be miscarried because there is something wrong with the fetus. Others will be still born.  Yet others will be born in a condition that they cannot live. In most of the world the majority of infants will not see five years of age.  To ignore the science and biology of conception, pregnancy, birth, and the fragility of new life is an arrogance I do not understand.  In addition, the hubris of knowing where and when a soul becomes a soul is an obvious affront to the creator of souls. It is not unreasonable to deny that a zygote is a human being, not one whit more than to deny an acorn is not a tree.  Mr. Schultz is correct in only on thing, there is no debate.  There is only ignorance and an accusation of ignorance.

Let them have their forest of acorns, I'll take my forest of oaks.

The anti-abortion movement signed its own death warrant when it adopted the foolish position of "human at conception", their arguments and position were to be considered until that point, and now the whole effort is discredited by this over-reach.  That is a shame.

Friday, May 4, 2012

WTF and Comments that are really WTF

                                                                                This post needs all the juju it can get

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WTF, why bother. They guy died in 1963. He did his job and they fired him for it. For purely political reasons and petty jealousy. Now other people are apologizing for other peoples actions, and now his family is oh so happy about it. What a crock. Vindication after all the players are dead and gone is merely a footnote in a book at best. It means next to nothing
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