Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Bigotry of the Left: Of Shoes--And Ships--And Sealing Wax-Of Cabbages and Kings

I was 18 in 1963 when I stumbled into participating in the desegregation of my home State of Oklahoma.  I spent the last half of my professional life with "desegregation" as my primary job description.  One thing I came to know is every single descendant of Adam and Eve carries in their being deep abiding prejudices. It doesn't matter if you are black, white, yellow, red, green, radical,  liberal, moderate, conservative, fascist or communist you are a bigot in some manner and in some degree.  In short no one is innocent of this "sin".  If it is a sin. I see it as just a genetic remnant of our herd, troop, or tribe.  The "other" is always there, and always bad.  The corollary thing I learned is that every single one of us is a good person and each of us know that about ourselves.

These underlay the current pivot in American Politics.  We are shutting down the uber-conservative final manifestation of the Republican Party. In the transition all of the moderates and reasonable conservative members will move eventually to the current Right leaning Democratic Party.  The radical conservatives will return to the outlier groups where they normally are, and the the uber left will seperate from the Democrats and form their own radical left version of a political party.

The humorous (maybe it is the ironic) catalyst that finally sets off this festering manifestation of racial bigotry against blacks and most other minorities,  is the existence of  the Half Black/Half White President of the United State Barack Obama.

As I've said one political Party is dying and another Party is forming. I've found this blog post at the Huffington Post Blog that pretty much explains why the New Party is forming where it is and from whom it is. America's political structure is pivoting on Obama's Presidency.

Of Cabbages and Kings: It’s Not that Obama’s Naive; It’s Just That the President’s Not White

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