Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dolphins Photographs Taken From The Decks of the MS Statendam

All of these photographs were taken from the decks of the Holland American Lines ship the MS Statendam. The cruise on the Statendam lasted 28 days. Thirteen days were in the Pacfic and thirteen days were in the Atlantic. The other two days were spent in the Panama Canal between the two. All of the dolphins were seen and photographed in the Pacific. None were encountered in the Atlantic waters.

This series of photographs of bottle nose dolphins was taken in San Diego Harbor after the ship had docked and we were all in the process of disembarking. As far as I know I was the only person photographing them.

The pod consisted of four mothers and four young dolphin that were swimming by their sides.

Click on the above photo to enlarge it and notice the baby dolphin by the adult's fin on the right.

This turtle was off the coast of Huatulco, Mexico.

Also off of Huatulco we encountered some smaller dolphins.

Father out to sea, this turtle was floating motionless in dead calm waters.

Another sea turtle.

It is hard to see, but here dolphins and sea birds are attacking a shoal of fish in a feeding frenzy. We observed this six times on the trip but never close enough to the ship to take good clear photographs.

The dolphins would often swim over to the ship and seemingly surf the bow wave.

Brown Boobies

I would often spot the dolphin as the were swimming under water.

Getting a good shot of them was 1/3 skill, 1/3 equipment, and 1/3 shear luck.

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