Wednesday, September 7, 2011

See Dick, See Jane, See Their Spot ?

Dick and Jane's Spot
Art for the heart, from the heart, in the heart of Washington
101 North Pearl St • Ellensburg,WA 98926

Serendipity is always welcome on a trip. You drive off the highway looking for a local cafe and then you run into Dick & Jane's Spot.

Caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye as we drove into downtown. It was a block off the main street but I had to turn around and go see what it was. Wow! I could hear my wife's moans of regret.

Call it folk art, or assemblies, junk art, or a neighbors greatest nightmare, it is very very unusual.

Some of the most creative uses of everyday things I've seen.

So, how much of this can I use to inspire my own back-back yard creations?

All of it he says....

This is one of my favorites.

Yes. I have some bicycle wheels.

Old reflectors? Yep, got some of those.

Hub caps? Just so happens I have just about a dozen or so.

Now these i don't have. hummm...

I can do this one too.

Bottle caps? uhuh, I got 'em.

I'm going to need more wheels though.

Bottle trees yes, that's great.

May need more bottle caps too.

If I keep it all lower than my 7 ft fence the OKC Neighborhood Code Enforcement people will never see it. Beside it is freedom of speech, right?

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