Monday, August 15, 2011

Sitka Bear Compound

Well I did get some pretty fair pictures of Grizzly on the island of Sitka, Alaska. Sitka has a facility for errant bears called Fortress of the Bear. It has some very large and very natural enclosures where bears that have had too much contact with people are allowed to live and not be "put down". Right now the facility has six Brown Bears. Two grown adults, three 18 month old cubs, and a three month old cub. Keeping Grizzly bears in any form of captivity is quite a feat, but these guys seem to be doing a fantastic job.

Here's one of the older adults.

The two cubs wouldn't stay still long enough to get a sharp exposure of them.

They not only had several ponds for the bears but even a flowing stream through one of their compounds.

Look at those claws.

Wild bears frequently visit the site out of curiosity. This bear smells one out side the compound.

Here two of the 18 month old cubs are playing.

Turning up rocks looking for a meal.

The facility provides natural food when it is in season.

Good doggy.

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