Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dr. Lobo Jo's prediction for 2030 or before: The Perfect Jack Daniels Strawberry Beef Steak

Altering the genetic structure of food stuffs is all the rage these days.

In the not too distant future we will see these genetic alterations as a blind alley we once went down before finding the simplest of solutions. Instead of genetically altering food in the future we will clone food at the molecular level.

The product will be real having originated with real sources. For meats as example, with digital assembly systems we will be able to create, at the molecular level, perfectly balance steaks, roast, chops, lunch meats etc. with the perfect marbling of elements that will be based on your personal genetic ability to taste the end product. Thus every steak will be the best possible steak you've ever tasted. As you grow tired of each formula it can be predicted and the balance will be reformulated to change each subsequent steak to be "better" than the steak before.

All of the molecules will be perfect examples of the best component molecules of real beef. All elements of the steak "experience" such as taste, texture, crunch, etc. will be present. And of course we will be able to innovate by adding hybrid digital meats such as lamb and lion sirloin, or my personal favorite Jack Daniels Strawberry Beef Steak (TM).

Of course we will also have the less complicated and less expensive products that will use the old fashion extrusion technologies. They will, however, be a much better food stuff than anything available today.


BB-Idaho said...

Those organic farmers on the edge of town will probably still be there...

drlobojo said...

Yep, and getting high $$$$ for their products from those that want them....unless government sees otherwise.