Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If you're interested in Philosophy, study Criminal Justice:Training Is Education And Education...Well...Has No Value to America Today

What once was "training" is now considered "education". Not only is it education is it the only education of any value. Sounds like a rant doesn't it. But here is the hard truth of America's mind in the early 21st century.

Here is the source of my proofs:http://education.yahoo.net/articles.htm?kid=HUYV

This is all you need to grasp that Liberal and Fine Arts Education as well as any Pedagogical Education has no value or viability in America. Check out the articles. If you are not in business, finance, or health you are a loser.

Five Promising Career Paths

Promising Career #1 - Accountants

Promising Career #2 - Computer Support Specialists

Promising Career #3 - Sales Managers

Promising Career #4 - Lab Technicians

Promising Career #5 - Dental Hygienists

Careers With Significant Earning Potential

#1 - Business

#2 - Information Technology

#3 - Health Care

Degrees That Could Be Good Investments

Degree #1 - Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Degree #2 - Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Administration

Degree #3 - Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies

Degree #4 - Bachelor's Degree in Finance

Degree #5 - Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

Degree #6 - Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

How To Pick A Major
With Great Earning Potential

Not all college degrees are created equal. If you're thinking of going to school, read this before you choose what to study.

If you're interested in English, study Marketing.

If you're interested in History, study Economics.

If you're interested in Art, study Graphic Design.

If you're interested in Sociology, study Paralegal Studies.

If you're interested in Philosophy, study Criminal Justice.

If you're interested in Theater, study Communications.

Go ahead and read all 125 of the current articles on the site. They all same the same thing. Liberal Arts have no value. Social Science has no value. Fine Arts have no value. Teaching, well are you a damn fool or what?


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I concluded some time back that the
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education. There may be hope; even
those in the business of href="http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/content/oct2009/bs2009105_376904.htm">business are beginning to realise the problem...

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