Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ladies You Have Failed: The Gift To America's Women

When the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) failed years ago, it failed because the conservatives in America were able to sell the lie that it was not needed.

The recent Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling that 1.5 million women could not sue Walmart for years and years of structured discrimination proved once and completely that, that lie was indeed a lie. That argument is dead.

The founding fathers did not intend in any way or form for women in America to have equal rights with men. It is not in the Constitution and can not be construed or spun to be there. That is an American conundrum.

To the women in my life, to my dear (subservient by law) fellow female Americans the SCOTUS has given you a gift. Congress can not, even if it would, make you legally equal to a man, any man. Only changing the supreme law of the land can do that. You must change the Constitution.

Right now, you must reinstate the ERA and pass it. Not next year. Not after the elections. Not when them or us or they have the legislative majorities. Do it NOW!

This is not a partisan issue. No woman except for the severely brain washed could see this as a partisan issue. This SCOTUS ruling has erased all those false starts at your equality. It is the 18th century, today. This will unravel that carefully constructed body of law so many have worked for the last century. Ladies, you have failed. If you don't change the Constitution you are going to be the perpetual victims of those 18th Century male intents.

You want to be a full human being under the law with equal rights then the ERA must be reintroduced and passed by the States. Right now. It has to be, right now, the first and foremost subject of National debate and concern. Do it now or give up and return yourself and all your future daughters to your rightful place in the 1790s.

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