Thursday, June 9, 2011

If Your Baby Is 31 He Isn't Your Baby Any More?

Bullshit, they are all my children, kids, and babies, and I can't wait til I'm 110 and still terrorizing their ragged old asses.

KD (Daniel) Hagy is 31 years old today. He is my youngest. I want to recognize his birthday with a few photographs of him over the years.

By the way he is single, educated, employed, cute, 6'4", and un married and available in case anyone is interested for themselves or a daughter, or niece, or next door neighbor. But he is shy and too damn smart for his own good.

Happy birthday to my son Daniel.


Joan said...

Those are great pictures. Mine will always be my babies, always.

Erin N. said...

They are never too old to be your babies. My step son is 21 and I still worry about like he was 11. They grow up but they will be in your heart forever. Kids rock!