Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thoughts Upon The Failure Of Margaret Macdonald's Vision Once More

Downsizing God to a World then an Empire and then Kingdom then a Church and then a Denomination and then an Elect denies and obscures His Ultra-Cosmic encompassing of the existence he created. We can not control Him any other way than by doing this. We try trap to Him and we invent containers for Him but instead we find ourselves trapped in them. Is it any wonder that so many of our kind do not care to crawl into them with us?


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most concise and eloquent pieces I have read on such a complex subject. Impressive.

kellyofsiam said...

I'm a 66 yr old fart. I am not a christian or hold to any faith..Yet, I think this was as Anonymous said before me a "most concise & eloquent piece.."

Living in Thailand existing on cold beer and tasty hot food.

Yours, in whatever.

drlobojo said...

I think a bunch of people are more Christian than they or the Christians think they are.
I'll toast you with my Shiner Bock Beer.

patsy said...

I know some of the bodies in the secret morgue, the people in power called it secret not me, some could not be identified but no one was admited in and the 2 bodies a 16 month old and a 16 year old young man was identified by other law enforcement people when they finally let people in.
Cnn brought pressure on the morgue by way of the Governor and that was when they began to try to help the families who were despertaly searching for family member.
I can not think of anything worse than having you child missing and not knowing his fate finding out he was dead was better for the father who had spent 6 days searching for his son and for the people at the morgue to refuse to help him in his search was awful. some times I do get on a tare and spout off but I know they had people looting and this was greed and I supect when they said and they did say everyone would have to be ID by DNA no matter what that sounds strange to me and after the Governor was told about the actions of this morgue things broke loose and yesterday they were able to ID over 100 people by you see not everyone was guts in a tree.

drlobojo said...

I see you've deleted my post and are replying to me on my blog. Fair enough. In April 1995 we had the East Coast networks roll into Oklahoma City, and try to push us aside as we worked, and accuse us of being unprepared for the bombing that blew our downtown apart. They tried to do the same shit on May 3, 1999 with our EF 5 tornado. Within two days each time, FEMA brought in their mortuary teams and had most of the dead identified within three-five days. Most but not all. Gloria Vanderbilt's son Anderson Cooper at CNN will do anything for a story, when I see him doing this kind of useless story while those trying to really help are doing what they can. I get a little mean about it. My empathy and sympathy go out to Joplin and its people, and to you. But for Anderson, I think I'll maintain my contempt.

patsy said...

I didn't delete your post if you will click at the bottom where it says older post it is still there. I never delete post no mater what unless it is a republican.LOL You have right to your opinion.
I am really not aware of anderson cooper since I don't watch CNN usually. Uselly I watch msnbc or KY 3 in springfield.
I know most are after the big story and usually I take that into account but the father of the 16 year old who was probably not over 35 years old tore at my heart. one thing he said was the night before he couldn't sleep and he got up and dialed his son's cell phone over and over they ask him why and he started to cry and said I wanted my son to know I loved him. during the day he was calling hospitals every where and out digging under the wreckage looking for his son.I remembrer the oklahoma bombing. it was a terrible thing. I live in NW ar. so I am near there.
In a sense we were unprepared for the OK. bombing, we couldn't believe it could happen in our area. We were used to thinking that things like that happen in far away cities. after the Governor got in the act the people were allowed to go in the morgue and look for their loved ones.

drlobojo said...

I can assure you I'm a Yellow Dog Democrat of the First Water. None of us, nobody, can believe this stuff will happen to them.