Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things I've Always Wanted To Be

You may laugh.
Attempt to laugh with me.
Spare me your pity.

50 things I have seriously always wanted to be.

1. a hero

2. a good speller

3. a good dancer

4. a good singer

5. the appropriate weight (half my life to skinny and half my life too fat)

6.handsome, I mean really handsome

7. faster with those wonderful comebacks

8. loved unconditionally (hasn't happened since my dog Rocky died when I was 10)
9. reasonably wealthy (twice as much as I actually need would do fine)

10. employed at something I loved to do (for only as long as I care to be)

11. living by the ocean

12. able to run long distances ( now I would settle for able to walk moderate distances)
13. an airplane pilot

14. not a Vietnam veteran

15. more hygienic in my thoughts and habits

16. mentally stable

17. kinder when appropriate

18. nastier when appropriate

19. braver

20. a strong swimmer

21. empowered

22. respected

23. honored

24. better dressed

25. more friendly

26. race car driver

27. skydiver

28. hang gliderist

29. positive

30. left alone by fools

31. not such a woos

32. less analytical

33. more accepting of others' stupid crap

34. to draw well

35. artistic

36. to play several musical instruments

37. to read music

38. to speak Urdu fluently

39. to speak Spanish moderately

40. to cook well

41. to sail a boat

42. a writer

43. a poet

44. better husband

45. nicer father

46. a world traveler in high style

47. an archeologist

48. a beach comber

49. a bum (almost there)

50. a hero

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