Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Surprising Conversation With An Altered Ego

I turned 66 about three months ago. I decided that I would celebrate this year by driving the length of U.S. 66 and blogging about it. Yes, I'm off to a slow start. I have made it out to the Arcadia Rt. 66 icons: The Round Barn and POP's gas station cafe and any soda pop you want.

So I decided to to talk to Jr. The Bear about going with me on this quest. Jr. has been on his Facebook account a lot recently and the whole family has been worried about the changes we've seen in him. For example although he still has his Blog, he seldom post anything there. Additionally his "voice" has changed. By that I mean he has a different approach to life, and what he writes about and his insight has shifted and we are all worried about him, so we decided to do an intervention.

As with all things in the Wolf residence none of us could find a time to get together at the same hour and place. Fatman for example spends half his time at his therapist, and wife spends her time out some where as Okie Book Woman. So we decided to do the intervention in shifts so to speak. I got to go first.

Jr. was quite receptive, he is a very affable being after all. So I expressed our concerns and ask what he thought about that.

Junior had just finished reading his most recent copy of Rolling Stone (his secret most inner wish is to be on the cover). So he started telling about some of the things he had read that were influencing him to write like he does now.

Did you know he said that the public institution The University of Texas is hording a Billion Dollars in gold? Not only that, it is only 5% of their total endowment of $20 Billion. But it still cost an arm and most of a leg to afford to go to school there. Still it is a place that is more worried about their Brand Name than their students. They ought to rename it Glenn Beck U.

I had to think about that one a bit and before I could say anything he brought up another subject. Did you know, he told me, that those dunces in D.C. cut $74 million out of their budget for homeless American veterans but increased their NASCAR sponsorship for military recruitment by $27.4 million? I said what! and stuttered too long and he was on to another example.

You know there are 18, 460 dead people on the voting roles in Ohio? But Ohio has a voter ID law and none them actually voted. The Ohio Republicans knew all about this in 2004 but said nary an utterance. Now that the Democrats are winning all of a sudden FOX news has discovered ZOMBIES ARE VOTING IN OHIO and ACORN and the unions are helping them to the polls! OK, OK, OK, I get it, the world is full of bad news. But your going to have to do what Fatman has done and lay off a steady diet of it.

I don't just FooBoo (aka Facebook) about only bad stuff he says. I do good stuff too. I mean they killed Bin Laden, even though they used a racial slur for his code name. I said, that's kind of a negative positive don't you think? Well, Glen Beck is leaving FOX news, he offered back to me. Same category I said. OK, he mumbled, well how about the fact all languages have recently be found to have come from one mother tongue? A single Mother Language asks I? Yes a single language spoken in Southern Africa 100,000 years ago. No shit, I say. Tell me more about that..... damn he's got me again.....

(see pages 36 &37 of the May 12, 2011 Rolling Stone for Jr.'s source of inspiration)

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