Thursday, February 24, 2011

Say You POOR Dumb Bastards: It IsThe Inequality Stupids

On this blog I have said over and over and over again that since 1968 each and every one of us who aren't the elite have been screw every second of every day out of our wealth and value. Even as you think you are getting along pretty good every year you fall behind.
Want to know how bad it is? Want to know how stupid we have been?


90% of Americans make less than $31,200, and that was 2 years ago.
What we think we are is way the hell off from what we really are. What we want to be, well forget that shit it ain't going to happen.
Hear that all you FOX News loving Beckers and Ditto Heads, your ass is grass just like all of us. You are just as big of a fool as any of us. Sorry you can't have your dream either.

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