Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coca Cola: COKE a Company of Artistic Creativity and Political Cretinism

The Acme of product art. The coca cola bottle.

Sex and the bottle

Simple and cheap

Every place on the earth

Over time


Promoting other corporations

Seeking to please

Seeking to impress

Seeking to sell

Trying to go green

aluminium solution

Boy Scout version

A tall French one

Stanley Kubrick Koke

A short coke

Cute coke

Black Coffee Coke (French of course)

Half again

Name dropper in blue coke

Origami or Buckley

Peyote Coke
And there are so many more and more and more


TStockmann said...

What's the political cretinism part?

drlobojo said...

You know that campaign against a "soda tax..... well that's Coke, Pepsi, & Snapple....They have also spent a bunch of anti-Obama money...don't want their personal taxes raised either.

VNV said...

FYI The tall "french" can is actually Japanese