Friday, December 10, 2010

Reading The Exploded: A Prophetic Sign ?

Superstition is a lizard brain thing. Sure it is cultural, organized, & codified but behind that organization is simply an attempt to control the uncontrollable. True superstition is buried deep in the brain's stem. A primordial fear. Shared with the most basic forms of life we avoid things we don't recognize or understand be we a newborn or a PhD. It is innate, basic, coded.
When we grab hold of these fears we tend to to do so with an organized method of some sort. We use religion, folk ways, humor, stories, traditions, something that will encase the phenomena and protect us from it.
We control it by naming it. We control it by categorizing it. We control it by controlling something stronger than it is (i.e. my god is bigger than your god).

So when something unexpected, unusual, unpredictable happens, our medulla oblongata hurries back to its most primitive reaction at the speed of flashing neurons. For that micro second before the frontal lobes catch the errant emotion and suppress it into the pillow of the rational, you know, "That's an Omen!"
I dropped a glass the other day. I've dropped thousands of glasses. I have broken hundreds of glasses. I've shattered dozens of glasses. I have never drop a heavy-thick-glass six inches onto a counter top and have it explode.


Carol said...

Yikes! But isn't that blue pretty?

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

It's a sign the glass was poorly made. Hope you didn't cut yourself.