Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How To Steal A Dead Man's Voice

"End this war (in Afghanistan)."
Diplomat Richard Holbrooke said this as he went into surgery that ended in his death. Last words in western culture has had a special value. Legally a "dying declaration" is as good as live testimony in court.

Minutes after Holbrooke's last words were reported a concerted effort to discount them began in several quarters. He didn't mean it... It was a mistake....He was talking to the Pakistani doctor... He was just getting the last word in... Got to put it in context... Taking it too seriously.

Here is a War that has lasted nine years. Ninety two percent of the combatants fighting us don't know why we are there. Every dollar we spend there we are borrowing from places like China.
So when the number one civilian negotiator about the war in the country says on his death bed, "End this war", the powers that be try to take his voice away.

Stop the war in Afghanistan. I'm not anti-war. I am anti-dumb shit stupidity. The first year of the war was appropriate. Year ten of the war is plain stupid. Damn Stupid! To steal the voice of Richard Holbrooke should be the last straw, an act too much... end it now... Pull OUT just like the President has said we would...NOW!
Bring Our Children Home and Heal Them as best we can.

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