Friday, December 17, 2010

Dr. No's Long List of 2011 No-No (Defeated Earmarks)

Senator Tom Coburn, pediatrician to the Senate and nick-named Dr. No by friends and foes alike has compiled an list of all the open amendments for earmarked appropriations that were in the Omnibus appropriations bill killed in the Senate last night.

Here is the document.

6751 lines in a search able Excel format so you can look up you favorite projects, area, state, senator, etc.

Now, Mitch and the boys are saying they will not do these earmarks anymore. Really?
Talk about the proverbial ROCK and the HARD PLACE. So how can they function if they can't provide? Seriously both Dems and Repubs trade favors for votes. The Repubs maybe a little bit more than Dems, but not by much if any. So all these 6800 items, projects, etc. will go unfunded? Remember too that there are hundreds if not thousands of "hidden" earmarks within Agency and Departmental budgets as well.

So the Republican in particular are caught between their Fat Cats who expect a return on their investment and the radical Tea Party types that could knock them out in a primary challenge.
Democrats only have to worry about delivering the bacon however. How is this going to work.

This coming few months will see the Republicans taking the heat for not funding these local projects, as well as taking the heat if they try to fund them. Dang, not fun.

This is going to be like watching a 6000 pound elephant walking a slack wire between two sky scrapers.

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