Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Morning A37 Whom Ever You Are

Good morning A37 and Private Caller, and H272, Service Call, and/or Unknown Name.
No I do not answer my phone when computers call me. I figure a machine answering a machine is quite adequate. However my answering system is beginning to think you guys don't appreciate her good work because you terminate your connection before she finishes her hello spiel. She is getting paranoid that maybe you don't really love her. You would think that if you are calling her before 9 a.m. that you might at least let her finish her intro.

As for myself, who the hell are you and why are you bothering me. I don't need help with my credit cards, I do not want to change my phone service, I will not donate to the Smokey The Bear Mountain Legionnaires of New Mexico. No I don't know where Jerry Bear lives. Indeed, I've never heard of Jerry Bear.
At least the robo-callers had the decency to go ahead and leave their message. I used to think computers could count. A37 you have called me every morning for two years. ( I just check out the call log). I have forgotten who you really are but I don't ever plan to pick up the phone, not even if you change your name to 3A7, or 37A.

I hear a rumor that cell phone don't get harassed by your shit. Maybe that is what I should do. Or maybe, maybe, I'll just resign from the telephone grid. I don't really need you anymore. I personally get maybe one call every two or three weeks. How shall I go, Cell or Null?

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