Monday, October 25, 2010

Wall Fly

I'm not bragging, not lamenting, or feeling sorry for myself.

Once upon a time I was a fly on the wall.

I was "indirect" staff of some of the richest men.

I watched and listened, and only spoke when asked a direct question.

Well I did screw up one time and told the richest man in the State that he had made a mistake.

I was wrong. It cost me. I didn't do again.

I listened to their logic.

I watched them make decisions.

I watched them be wrong and could not correct them.

I heard their jokes.

I watch them be offensive.

I watched them take offence.

I watched them take revenge (once 25 years after the fact).

I heard them threaten and scare.

They bought and sold people in front of me.
I heard them shape the future of people who they didn't know and that would never know that they had done so.

I have watched a few become the super rich.

They are different from you and I.

Our god is a lessor god for lessor people.

Their god is a believer in the value of them.

I have watch several fail and dissolve.

I have watched one or two stand on the highest pinnacles there are.

A few would know my name. Fewer would ever acknowledge me.

I was just there like the chair, like the coffee, like the phone.

When I watch movies about ancient Rome I always notice the servants, slaves, in the background and think to myself, I understand them.

I learned so much.

Much too much actually, being a fly on the wall.

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