Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Those Shallow Generalist" Says BP CEO Hayward

Corporate Culture:

Tony Hayward gives us the ultimate reason for the BP fiasco in the Gulf and why BP can not, should not, be continued to be allowed to drill in America.

The program is FRONTLINE: The Spill

Over and over the program shows the systemic problem: they did not, do not, dot their "I"s and cross their "T"s.

To show how this is institutionalized into the the corporate BP culture check out minutes 38:00 to 40:30 on the the program video.

Tony Hayward says,

" We had too many people that were working to save the world... we lost track of the fact that our primary purpose in life is to provide value for shareholders...we had to many people who did not understand what it took provide operations...we had to many shallow generalist..."

Hayward was an oil man through and through taking bigger and bigger risk in deeper and deeper water.

The new guy isn't much better, maybe worse, after all BP passed over him to promote Hayward.

Too Many Shallow Generalist?

Well their Congress of Experts didn't work too well did it?

What happens now?

Doesn't seem like anything will.

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