Friday, October 1, 2010

Mitigating My Religious Ignorance

By now you will have heard of the miserable show of knowledge about religion by religious people.

Well may I brag a bit that I got them all correct, except for the one about who the vice-president of the United States was, but that was a warm up question and didn't count. Any how, I am taking advantage of the WESTAR Jesus Seminars being in Oklahoma City next week to upgrade, if not mitigate, my ignorance of early Christianity. I went to the one last year and learned a whole lot of stuff. I even bought some books and read them.

By the way don't go expecting a Ra-Ra-Christ evening! No messages, no evangelism, no proselytizing, just historical theological information. A series of sessions to enlighten the mind about what some souls did and believed as they developed one specific religion.

So if you are of the curious ilk you may want to take advantage of one of the seminars near you.

Check them out at the site below.

The Oklahoma City one is Friday and Saturday of this week.
See you there.


BB-Idaho said...

The questions are here for those liking tests. In fairness, the tough questions were about Hindu/Buddhist beliefs.
I was prepared to do battle with Origen, Cyril,
Chrysostom, Iraneus, Polycarp, Aquinas et. al.
but not much on early theological development.
29/32 correct..still wavering between agnosticism & atheism, but fascinated with early Christian history.

drlobojo said...

Into my seventh decade I describe myself as an Enigmatic Christian.
I believe that there are many paths to God including Jesus. But I choose Jesus out of my cultural past and reasons of familiarity. I suspect my belief would heretical in any religion.