Saturday, October 30, 2010


The John Spruce Society, a radical middle of the road organization, is providing you with full size protest posters that demonstrate disdain for the far left and far right and their radical politics.

Take the digital information to Kinko's or what ever they call that now and they can print them full size for you.

These posters are made available by The Chamomile Tea Party:
"Tired of the rancor between the political left and right, I formed the Chamomile Tea Party, a calming force in American political discourse. When party politics, character assassination, and rhetoric take precedence over the good of the country it's time to say enough is enough. These are the first of our posters calling for change in our country. They are based on old propaganda posters from World War II, appropriated for the present political climate. Feel free to download the larger copies and pass them around. "
There are a total of 15 posters available.

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