Monday, October 11, 2010

It Is Time For The Churches To Pay Taxes

It is very simple, either you break the law or keep your mouth shut. As a pastor or congregation if you firmly believe a propose law should or should not be passed, you have two choices keep quite or violate the law. Does candidate Smith match all of your religious principles and candidate Jones is an apostate. Keep your opinions to yourself or you will lose your not-for-profit tax exemption. Why should that mega-church down the road have all those tax exemptions for its businesses that compete against you own parishioners who have to pay taxes?

True separation of Church and State means that the State has no hold on the Church. Tax exemptions are not just a hold, it is a strangle hold. It emasculates the Church's obligation to accomplish its social responsibilities.

And literally for God's sake don't take those "Faith Based" bribes from the Government. They will make you a slave to the needs of the government, even when the church and the government agree on the method or the end game, don't get seduced and join their team.

Yes it will cost a lot of money. But you will regain your freedom to be a Church without government's chains on it.

It is time for the Churches to just say NO to tax exemptions.

(Thanks to an anonymous friend who first verbalized this concept.)

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