Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Justice For The Jumpers

9-11 Seven-Eight-Nine Years and No Justice for the Jumpers

Every year , against my better judgement, I watch the re-runs of the 9-11 tragedy.
They show little or nothing of the jumpers.
They don't let you hear the thuds recorded at the time.
Would that be in bad taste, inflammatory, yes, I guess it would be.
Every year I think about posting those myself.
I think about pulling them out of my archives and put them here.

But I don't.

I do not show them diving to death to keep from cooking alive.
I do not show them burst on the sidewalk like pumpkins.
Instead I will re-post this:No Justice For the Jumpers!
It was the Jumpers.
The falling of the buildings was mind blowing.
The collapse of the Towers was unbelievable.
It was the Jumpers.
That was believable.
Those people I could identify with.
I could understand.
That I could wrap my mind around.
With them I identified.
That was what stoked my hatred.
Someone had to pay for the Jumpers!

As I look back now that is how I came to hate George W. Bush and all he was and stood for and everyone who supported him.
They are Shit to me.
W did not make them pay.
He dropped the ball.
He went off on a personal family crusade.
He did not seek, much less obtain Justice for the Jumpers.
He left us, me, unsatisfied, unfinished, unresolved!
He is a loser.
He let them get away.
Naw, don't give me back those Karl Rove (Lee Atwater Junior) talking points.
Don't you dare.
I want Justice for the JUMPERS.
I want Retribution for those who burst on the sidewalks.
I want Punishment in the name of those holding hands as they jumped together.
I want Parity of Pain given in the name of those who in flames leaped to their deaths.
I want Justice For The Jumpers.
That's all, just common justice.

McCain says if we elect him he can give it to us.
Big talk for a demented old man.
Why didn't you get it done already Mr Senator?
Besides John you smell like Bush and I hated that loser.
Obama says he can get it for us.
Can he?
I don't see the passion or the need for it in him.
You Have to NEED Justice or Revenge before you will pursue it where ever and however it needs to be pursued.
I go a bit insane on 9-11.
Just like I go insane every April 19th.
The Jumpers need Justice.
Justice for the Jumpers!
Is that really too much to ask?

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