Thursday, August 5, 2010

Woodstock Remembered

Next week, August 15, will be the anniversary of Woodstock.

I dont think that there has been a party like this since.

Such fun.

Unfortunately I wasn't there. I was just back from Nam and was in the back roads of Virginia at a place called Vint Hill Farms.

So I didn't make it. I've been waiting for 51 years for the next one.

But, I guess we have been working to hard to take off that long for a party.
It has been kinda downhill since then.


KellyofSiam said...

I left the army several months before Woodstock and lived in the woods on an island in northwest Washington State. I missed this one...Did get to go to a great event in Squamish BC Canada...the Flying Burritos were in top form...later.

Thanks for the blog...I enjoy

drlobojo said...

I have be waiting 41 years not 51 years. Can't subtract I guess.

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

I've met a few folks who were there, one a bombadier on a B-52 who had just returned from his second tour on Vietnam a junkie, a dealer, and a scoundrel (he now works with kids whose parents are addicts and scoundrels like he used to be). He insisted that the ubiquity of drugs available in Vietnam was in part due to the North and the Viet Cong who understood it was one way to sap the strength of the American troops.

At Woodstock, he made a whole lot of money dealing, wandered close to the stage and watched Pete Townsend toss Abbie Hoffman off, and wondered if any of it meant anything.

Me, I watch it every year and think, like you, that despite the testimony of this one acquaintance of mine, we haven't been as good or well since.

drlobojo said...

Hard stuff in Nam came from Laos mostly. CIA/ Air America, no shit. Not too unlike the movie.
In our units hard use was harshly treated. They went directly to a special unit in Leavenworth, Kansas. Pot however, was easier to get than regular cigarettes. Even so use in our units was sparse.