Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How To Steal .005% Of An Oil Well 200 Times

Chickasaw Nation Governor Anoatubby gave a speech at the Governor's Conference on August 17th. A long time friend of my engaged him in a question. Here is her report.
"During his speech, he stated how important it is to have property rights, water
etc. so I mentioned that. Then I stated, "There
are no federal laws, no state laws, no agency, office or department to protect
the mineral
owners in the USA. No one is responsible
for enforcing the mineral leases to oil and gas companies to pay
the rightful amount owed to the mineral rights owners. The folks in
the Oil Division of the Corporation Commission tell me their hands are
tied. We need a law. As our leader, will you work with the CN
legislators and the Oklahoma legislators to write a law?"
said everybody hushed up and started listening when I was
talking. Even Lisa Billy asked Judy Parker who was
talking. Judy told her she thought it sounded like me; however, she
couldn't see (Judy told me later). The Governor said, "We will certainly look
into this and there is a state representative here who is just the person we
need to work with, Lisa Billy. Why don't you two get together after
this session is over. This sounds like something we need to work
The Indian Nation have recently won a lawsuit worth billions of dollars, which incidentally Congress won't pay, because of corruption in the administration of their mineral rights.
But there are millions, yes millions of private citizens with mineral rights that are conned, screwed, or fornicated out of the appropriate value for their mineral rights. We are not talking about billionaires or millionaires. These people are most often the children or grandchildren of farmers or ranchers who long ago lost their lands but kept the mineral rights on those lands.
We need a mineral rights property advocate at the Federal level. Why Federal, because the boys and girls stealing from these people are BP types. Their Landman may speak with a local accent but his paycheck probably comes from Dubai. Saudi Arabia. or Venezuela.

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