Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Sleep With An Older Woman

Well she is older than most of America, but she is not older than me. Indeed, she was a teenager when I married her going on 44 years ago and I, well, I was not. Today is her birthday. So Happy Birthday to the woman fool enough to marry a skinny ugly proto-fatman with no prospects, no education, and no money. What the hell were you thinking?

I know what I was thinking. I was thinking , well "a good woman is so hard to find." so I would make her into one myself. She was cute and smart and had wide hips for child bearing (I used to judge dairy cattle when I was in FFA).

Well turns out she had similar thoughts about me. Not the hips, but that I might be made into a "good man". Most times those transitions don't work out to well. As we went along I discovered she was the best of women already and that she really could whoop me up into a semblance of a good man.
She had me under construction from the get go.

We went a lot of places together when we were younger.
(older too)

Some places were further away than others.

But she went along and carried her weight. She didn't want me to take pictures back then cause she was too fat.

I can't say that she always appreciated the trips we made.

I've always accused her of just being a kid herself. (She taught 4th grade the last three years before her retirement so that she would have someone to play with)

Speaking of kids, we had three of them.

She was one heck of a mother.
(and would make one hell of a grandmother)

Jacks anyone?

"No we can't take this home with us."

Even today she wants to go along and do things with her children.

True it doesn't always work out just right.
(I'll let her blog about this one)

And she has never quite gotten rid of her attitude.

But I'm sure there are many more birthdays to come and I hope I'll be here to share them all with her regardless of that attitude.
I love you woman!
Happy Birthday!


Okie Book Woman said...

Aside from the fact that some of your photo choices leave much to be desired, I liked your post. Thanks. Love you.

Joan said...

Wow, what a wonderful tribute! Looks like she done good. =)

I love the pictures. The one where she is pregnant is absolutely precious.

Happy birthday OBW! (oh, it is my hubby's birthday and my step-mom's birthday too!)

pecheur said...

Awesome!!! I love it. You are an inspiration to carry on. Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Ha! What a nice birthday post!

TStockmann said...

Worth catching up just for this - congratulations to everybody sharing in this wonderful life.

Marla said...

Oh my, this made me teary, laughing and crying. So sweet!