Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waveland Mississippi Magic Tricks and Optimism

So this picture was on the New York Times Readers Page.
Thousands of small fish killed in the oil sheen of the bay.
So when I took off along the beaches of the Gulf Coast I thought I would look for this.
Never did find it, exactly, cause it was gone or rather still going when I got there.

I wondered about the truck ruts in the sand when I saw this at Waveland. Were they bringing in sand? Hauling sand away? When I got back to the Longbeach hotel and looked at my pictures it occurred to me that I had found the fish kill after all.

As you can see in a previous post there are as many "For Sale" signs as there are lots.
But this has to be the most optimistic of all the "For Sale " signs I saw down there.
Then there is this. From whence will come the congregation?