Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Neighbor's Trash Blown Into My Yard !

It is troublesome when it is just the wind naturally blowing trash from one yard into my yard. When someone stands there with a blower however and deliberately blows it over into my yard I begin to lose that community tolerance that neighbors need to co-exist.

That is what Arizona did to Oklahoma recently. They blew their trash all the way from Phoenix to Oklahoma City.

"Narcotics agents arrest suspected cartel member in Oklahoma City "

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agents said they arrested a suspected Mexican drug cartel leader during a raid this morning.

Published: June 29, 2010

Drug agents arrested a suspected high-ranking Mexican Sinaloa Cartel member in north Oklahoma City this morning during a raid....Undercover agents became aware of their main suspect three months ago, after Arizona passed Senate Bill 1070 — the new immigration law that allows police to search anyone for valid documentation of citizenship."

"Our target received a dispatch from Mexico, and was told to leave Phoenix because of the new immigration law," said an undercover case agent whose name is being withheld to protect his identity. "He was told to set up shop in Oklahoma City. Fortunately, in a very short time, we learned of his presence and were able to infiltrate his operation."

In 1993, a piece of trash blown into Oklahoma by the Missouri State Government, raped and murdered two friends and co-workers of mine. Should I even mention McVeigh? It is tiresome to clean up other's messes. We got all the garbage we need here already. Arizona, you boys and girls just keep your own at home and deal with it.

Say, can we establish State laws deporting people back to Arizona?

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