Sunday, June 27, 2010


A Flag Around Which To Rally:

For years now volunteers have been saving the Kemp Ridley's Turtles by protecting them all the way from Cape Cod to Corpus Christi. In Corpus they would walk the beach during nesting season and when they found a nest mark it with this flag and guard it 24/7.
I propose that this be the "flag of protest" against the BP oil fiasco.
Every Deep Emotion requires a shibboleth.
A really LARGE version of this flag can be down loaded at: NPS Corpus Christi

-----Junior The Bear

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drlobojo said...

Say Junior I recomend putting a black border around the edges of the flag to make it different from the nesting flag. Also why don't people put one up for the public to see everywhere that a dead turtle or any other sea life killed by the oil is found It is a first amendmnent issue.