Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cannons, Wagons, Buggies, Wheels, Stuff, and Coffee

When I was a kid I had a lot of things I loved. Two of them were wagons and catalogues. Today in the mail I got both. My annual Hansen Wheel and Wagon catalogue. Like the kid I was I spent an hour or so pouring over the images and marking things to buy ( doubt that momma will approve the $28,000 wagon I picked out).

This is a great place. I've blogged about them before (probably every time I get a catalogue).
They inspire the farmer, pioneer, and cowboy buried somewhere inside this old man.

Their new stuff is expensive but will last a lot longer than that Toyota you bought last year.
But they got used stuff too. This wagon for example cost $4,650.

Here's an idea. Got a mother-in-law or brother that always stays too long when they visit.
Fix them up in your new guest house, the sheep herders wagon.

Or if you want a hunting camp or great get away place put one up in the mountains or out on the river.

Of course their are wheels, new, old, used, 24 inch to the size of a barn.

Or you can buy things like this spring seat for your "Man Cave".

Want your own Deadwood Stage. They got what you want.
Hell put it in your living room or den as a unique "conversation pit".

Here is a vehicle that gets 100 miles to a gallon of oats.

Are you a John Deer Collector? Here's what you need a genuwine John Deer wagon on sale for just $4,899. Seriously that's a good deal.

Got a horse? Got a neighbor that has a horse? Got a snow mobile?
Got six kids and a big dog. This will be fun. Only $3,495 and you can have all the sleigh ride you want.
But if you really want to get a bang out of something try their cannons. They got them and all the stuff you need to haul them around.

Actually these 1812 style ship cannons are my favorite. I am really tempted by these. I could build my own fort and every 4th of July..... I wonder if they would fit in the back of my truck?
They ship stuff anywhere by the way.

If you are a backyard cook, you can get your own real chuck wagon chuck box. Heck buy a couple of their wheels and build the ass of a chuck wagon next to your Webber grill.

Want some cool cowboy. settler, western type, cook ware?

And finally the thing that originally hooked me up with these people. Genuwine Cowboy coffee.
Take your hammer (or gun butt) and crush these beans, dump the crushing into that coffee pot above, bring to a boil, drink black chunks and all.
Anyhow, give them a gander: Hansen Wheel and Wagon

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Carol said...

I want a wagon! I'll take the one that's made into a little house.