Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why I Cancelled My Newsweek

They done went dumb. After years of reading it, I cancelled my multiple year subscription.

1. Karl Rove on the Opinion Page

Now these aren't all mind you. The list could go on, but the point is the IQ of the magazine was going down 10 points an issue.


TStockmann said...

For weekly news magazines, the Economist is still good - a reader might disagree with some of the or even all of the positions, but not generally with intellectual contempt.

drlobojo said...

Once-upon-a-time after I was changing my life's focus post-Vietnam, I seriously considered doing two things. One was being a photographer for National Geographic and the other was a researcher for Newsweek. I went with the photographer option and enrolled in The Brook's Institute in California. That was never followed through on as I got sidetracked by my studies in Geography.

Newsweek used to be backed up by a real staff of real people looking for real facts. In this digital age such research should be even easier. Newsweek shows no indication that that even happens anymore.

Jon Meacham, Newsweek Editor, says, "We may not always get it right...but by in large, taken all in all, we win more than we lose."

He also said The Economist is doing it right.

Now that is a ringing endorsement of his product!

OK,TS, I might add The Economist to my other 8 magazine subscriptions.

BB-Idaho said...

I've been getting TIME since '64, so am not that familiar with Newsweek (thought originally they were clones). this fellow , like many on the right, is upset with the magazine because,
"I used to love Newsweek. But John Meacham has completely wrecked the magazine. Newsweek no longer reports the news. Instead, they have become a mouthpiece for the Obama Administration and when not carrying the President's water fill up their spare pages with awful commentary from prominent limousine liberals like Jonathan Alter, Evan Thomas and Eleanor Clift."
IMO, the old news magazines are succumbing
to the 'Us' and 'People'
fluff. Seems to sell...

Joan said...

#1 would be enough for me. I'll stick Mother Jones. =)