Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Quick And Dirty, But Long And Filthy

The following site was sent to me by my daughter at LSU in Baton Rouge. They are from:
Richard Shephard Aerial Photography
36 Main Street
Cummington, MA 01026

Sample Photos:

"Oil collecting at the mouth of one of the breeches on Elmer's Island, which connect directly to the bayous of Louisiana. There were no clean-up crews in sight and no one for at least a mile in either direction."

Visit his site for more photos including those of bottle nose dolphins and other large fish and animals killed by this so called "minor" ecological disaster.
Mr. Shepard and people like him will be the watchdogs of this disaster. BP and its associates will obstruct, deny, cover up, hide, everything they can.
Yesterday on East Beach in Pass Christian I found minute traces of oil and some dead rays on the beach. Normal occurrences? Who knows? Mr. Shepard's photos, however, are not of motorboat oil left behind from towing skiers as suggested by Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi.
Definative Proof:


BB-Idaho said...

No expert, but it appears to me a couple problems:
1. corking the thing remotely a mile beneath the sea
2. cleaning up untold miles of coastal marshes, beaches and fisheries.
BP, like all big oil outfits, has a poor record.
My heart goes out to the Gulf coast.

drlobojo said...

They are at the gates of Hell itself. They have drilled through Methane Hydrate sediments. If any of these procedures warm up any of the layers of hydrates then they expand into gas and then...nobody really knows...but it will be bad...
Even the relief wells could set them off.

BB-Idaho said...

Learned something-never heard of methane hydrate and had to look it up ..from what I can tell from USGS studies, that technology is in its infancy. Could be a whole new ballgame. Our species has a knack for offending Mom nature....

drlobojo said...

BP's two "relief wells" are just as likely to blowout because they have heated up the methane hydrates as did the original one. Unless, BP now understands what happened. We have no way of knowing whether they do or not. Guess we wait and see how they hand the methane burp this time.